Description of functioning, filling, preparation, preheating.

PHOEBUS Petrol (Gasoline) Camp Stove No. 625
Paraffin (Kerosene) Camp Stove No. 625P

NGT P.O.B. 12 - A-1212 Vienna (AUSTRIA) Telex 75092
Original PHOEBUS Petrol (Gasoline) Camp Stove No. 625
Paraffin (Kerosene) Camp Stove No.625P

Phoebus Camp Stove No. 625 scheme
Phoebus Camp Stove No. 625 scheme


  • The fluid fuel in the container (gasoline or kerosene) rises by the inside pressure into the hot rising-tube and is gasified there. The gasified fuel comes out then at the nozzle, is mixed with the surrounding air and burns at the burner cap.
  • Before starting, with at beginning pressureless container, the necessary inner pressure must be built up by means of the pump. When the stove is working, the container and also the fuel is heated, whereby the pressure is maintained. The pressure will drop only when the container is getting emptier.
  • The procedure of gasification must be started at first, by preheating the burner and rising-tube from outside by preheating means (spirit or similar). Later on the warmth of the burner flame operates the further gasification.



  • Unscrew pump completely by turning to left (anti-clockwise) the winged nut (A 23).
  • Put the stove on a horizontal base and fill until the lower bottom of the filling opening with fuel. (At an empty container this requires abt 0,6 l (= 1 pint).
  • Screw on the pump again and tighten well by hand. (Care for the Just sitting of the washer (A 20).


  • Bring the three supports (A 1) by turning into the desired position. Place hand-wheel (AB 2) on the spindle (AB 5).


  • Close the burner valve (A 34) by turning to the right (clockwise) the handwheel (AB 2) until the stop.
  • Turn out the pump knob (A 28) out of the pump lid (A 27) by turning to tho left (anticlockwise) and tear it out By pressing the pump knob (10-15 strokes) pump air into the container. Rescrew pump knob (A 28).
  • Remove wind shield (A 29).
  • Put preheating means (spirit, preheating jelly, broken solid spirit) in the bowl on the container and ignite.
  • Replace the windshield (A 29).


Nozzle A-32

  • G - petrol 0,38 mm
  • E - kerosene 0,32 mm